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Carpet Cleaning

At ACS our carpet cleaning delivers a fast and consistently high standard of service to our customers. Whether it’s part of your regular cleaning routine or because you have young children, allergy sufferers, pets, we understand how important it is for you to maintain a clean and healthy home.

Our Approach

At ACS, we offer a comprehensive carpet cleaning service following a 10 step process

1. Inspection
Carpet are inspected for signs of soil or permanent staining

2. Dye Test
We PH test all colours to ensure that appropriate leaning solutions are used

3. Fibre Test
Fibre identification is carried out to check whether stains are removable or not

4. Comb Pile
Carpets are combed to separate and release matted piles for more effective dust extraction

5. Power Vacuum
To extract dust and grit and other dry soil to prevent turning dust into muddy residue

6. Treat Stains
Stains are treated prior to cleaning to ensure that the full depth of stain is removed

7. Spray Pre-treatment
A specially formulated traffic lane cleaner is used to dissolve greasy soils

8. Deep Cleaning
Carpet are cleaned using the system decided upon during the inspection stage

9. Hand Cleaning
All edges, stairs and other inaccessible areas are cleaned by hand

10. Realign Pile
We finish by realigning the pile and replace furniture on protector pads


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Specialist upholstery cleaning is recommended to maintain the appearance of your sofas and upholstery.  We take every care, determining the best cleaning solutions required depending on the type of fabric (such as velvet, brocades, boucle, flat weave, etc.)

Using the same thorough method of cleaning we follow with carpets – we inspect, dye-test and also carry out pre-cleaning tests to ensure there’s no risk of distortion or shrinkage during cleaning.

We recommend you finish off with a protective fabric treatment to prevent nuisance spills leaving unwanted marks and smells until your next clean.